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Friends of The University of Arizona Cancer Center Raising More Than Hope

Projects and Programs, Your Donation Dollars at Work...


Below is a list  of the programs and projects supported by your donation to the events and programs sponsored by the Phoenix Friends of the Arizona Cancer Center:

1993  Apoptosis and the malignant behavior of breast cancer cells.

1992  Molecular analysis of drug resistance in lymphoma; Studies of myelodysplastic syndrome as a precusor to acute leukemia; Mechanisms of radiation therapy resistance in glioblastomas.

1991 Assessment of biological activities of tumor suppressor biomarkers for cervical disease.

1990 Mechanisms of acquired drug resistance;  Radioactive peptide-directed therapy in lymphoma;  Generation of cytotonic T-cells;  Detection and removal of disseminated breast cancer cells;  Three-dimensional structure of genes in diploid nuclei.

1989 Active specific immunotherapy;  A new anticancer vaccine.

1988 Early detection of metastatic human breast tumor cells.

1986/1987 Special procedures room in the Levy Building at the Arizona Cancer Center.

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