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The Friends of The University of Arizona Cancer Center



Who We Are...A History of Caring

In the mid 1980s, there was no building designated as the Arizona Cancer Center at the University of Arizona Health Science Center in Tucson.  There was, however, an impressive staff of physicians and scientists who dreamed of establishing a comprehensive cancer center in Arizona and of eliminating cancer as a threat to humankind.

In 1986, 12 energetic women organized a dinner and auction which was held at Saks Fifth Avenue in Phoenix, AZ.  The event, called  Evening in the Park, raised $13,000 for cancer research.  From that humble beginning emerged a volunteer organization called Phoenix Friends of the Arizona Cancer Center (FACC).  Evening in the Park became an annual event.

Today there are 37 Phoenix Friends who are active members and there are over 40 associate members.  Since 1986, they have raised and donated over $3.0 million to the Arizona Cancer Center.  Each year Friends determines how the donated funds will be distributed.  With emphasis on research projects and equipment, none of the funds are applied to administrative cost.

It is said that the flight of a butterfly

can change weather around the world;

you are each our butterflies…

you are changing the world;

you are curing cancer!





Beth Komadina


Vice President: 

Pat Mersiowski

Event Co-Chairs:

Nancy Geiger and

Ann Reinsch

Recording Secretary:

Barbie Boyle

Auction Co-Chairs:

Corresponding Secretary: 

Jane Luckman

President Elect:

Mary Kolbe


Linda Frederiksen

Website Administrator:

Robbie Schamp

Past President:

Nancy Geiger


By-Laws/Policies & Procedures:  

Nominating Committee:

Nancy Geiger

Meetings & Arrangements:

Marti Lavis

Jo Fitzpatrick

New Member Coordinator:

Linda May Bucher


Susan Miele

Colleen Donimari


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Nancy Berge

Karen Gill Meyer

Jerri Boswell

Susan Miele

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Barbie Boyle

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Linda May Bucher

Ann Reinsch

Colleen Donimari

Karen Rogers

Jean Feuer

Mickey Rufenacht

Linda Frederiksen

Robbie Schamp

Nancy Geiger

Sheila Smith

Mary Kolbe

Elizabeth Stoll

Beth Komadina

Joan Thomas

Nicky Kurz

Linda Whitney

Marti Lavis

Marguerite Wilson

Jane Luckman

Karen Winkler 

Pat Mersiowsky

Trisha Anthony

Linda Kelsey

Elaine C. Apostle

Judy Lynn 

Mimi Berry

Suzan Makaus

Suzanne Black

Betty McRae

Susan Chappell

Susan Monahan 

Carolee Cruse

Ruth Ann Moore

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Louise Falk

Claudia Neal

Pamela Farrer

Doris Norton

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Lynn Oden

Colleen Flood

Sue Powell

Penny Gunning

Donna Purkey

Suzanne Hanson

Colleen Ragland

Patti Herf

Brenda Schwartz

Nancy Hurley

Tammy Underwood

Ann Jorgenson

Linda Wehmueller

Mary Katsenes

Sandy Wood


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